Efficient and executive rather than over-analytical and bureaucratic

CCS Management offers advanced operational and advisory consultancy services in Business Development and IS/IT Management. 

Our strength lies in rapidly understanding our clients’ strategic decisions and putting them into practice. Our competent, delivery-oriented consultants have years of experience and act with initiative.

CCS Management started in 1991 as a more personal alternative to the large management consultancies. A smaller, more personal consultancy that can offer resource and cost-efficient solutions in line with clients’ actual needs.

CCS Management is run by a group of dedicated individuals with extensive experience of participating in and running business and IT-related projects. CCS consultants always work with the greatest confidentiality and under the client’s company and brand name.

Because we believe every company is unique everything we do and recommend is based on the specific client’s real situation. Correct expertise, receptiveness and a holistic approach are our guiding principles. Since we started, we have had the pleasure of dealing with change projects, often with extensive IT involvement, for several of Sweden’s leading companies.